Here We Go!

Hello, I’m Sarah. Welcome to 40 Days, a written testimony of my journey as a person experiencing homelessness. While I will be sharing parts of my story about my road to becoming self-sufficient once again, I recognize that I am one of millions who has found herself in this situation and plan to utilize this forum as a safe, respectful space to raise awareness, provide resources, and offer support to the various subgroups of individuals referred to collectively as “homeless”.

One unique aspect of my story is that I am a non-profit professional who previously worked in a homeless shelter. I have firsthand experience as both a provider employee and as a resident respectively, and I am cognizant of how the partnership can lead to a successful or unsuccessful outcome. Additionally, I’ve had numerous volunteer and leadership experiences working with people experiencing homelessness- those living in shelters, vehicles, “couch-surfing” and on the street. It is my hope that each of these various roles will serve to assist others in navigating a path often void of direction, stability and permanency.

Each of us experiencing homelessness may fall into different subgroups and have experienced various underlying causes or precursors to homelessness; therefore, many of our needs may be different. Yet, I believe our similarity and equality as human beings, in addition to our common need for a safe, permanent space and the desire for respect and understanding from others unites us. I’ve always maintained that those defined as “vulnerable populations” (and often the most margienalized) are truly the most resilient. Therefore, I intend for this space to be one where we can connect, learn and grow as we become increasingly more empowered through mutual support.

I welcome and appreciate your respectful comments here, and look forward to an interactive discussion with all who visit this blog. Thank you in advance for your time, for reserving judgement and for offering your unique perspective, expertise and support to our community.

You may feel alone, but you are never alone. Together, we will move forward…




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